A cliche, people rarely deeply ponder on. It’s kind of funny as it makes us all look like NPCs just doing things on our little planet without exploring why. It’s mystery seems to be a recurring theme for Lex and his guests which are often some of the greatest contributors to progress. Yet, I haven’t really heard a reasonable and consistent asnwer. The truth is, no one knows. What’s the reason for doing anything in life then? Isn’t that terryfing?

So what is the meaning of life?

It is simply, to be found out.

The answer is far ahead of us. It is hidden under the layers of hard scientific problems and answers to the right questions about the universe.

Space exploration, physics and hard science are the direct ways of finding out because they explore and define the fabric of the universe. Since the fundamental structure of everything is a rule-based system and an emergence of subatomic particles interacting with each other forming more complex structures in high entropy environment, it must have been created. It must have been concieved. Regardless of your belief system, there is a creator. Be it an entity you call god or a 15 year old nerd alien running a simulation in his powerful VM. Something happened before the Planck epoch.

This should be a good news for everyone who thinks about this because it gives a purpose to life. A meaningful cause of contributing to finding out, directly or indirectly, so at some point our future generation can meet the god and face the ultimate answer to everything.

Scientists, physicists, STEM researchers (the rare ones with legit contributions and efforts) and engineers are the direct contributors. Everyone else can chip in indirectly, by simply taking care of things the direct contributors don’t have time for. Like making sure things are running smoothly, we have a bright future on this planet and that we don’t do something stupid and die. Simply extending our runway to finding out.

But then I wonder, who created the creator?